"So sexy...If you are a finishing editor, or work in any bay where episodes lock, you must have this."

                                     -★★★★★ App Store Review

From the sleaziest reality show to prestige Hollywood feature films, Runtime has ingrained itself into the workflow of editors everywhere. By throwing out the decades old "timecode calculator" model, Runtime does only the tasks post-production professionals need the most -- with none of the other cruft. Keep track of act times. Know what percentage each act is of the total. Figure total run time, total content time, and how far over or under time the project is.

Runtime is an easy and fun way to keep tabs of your film, tv or radio project.

"Runtime is just flat out better than the old way." - InPoint

  • new: support for feature film leader
  • new: add notes to each act
  • new: emails sport a spiffy new look
  • modern new interface
  • support for multiple projects
  • 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 59.95 and 60 fps all supported (drop and non-drop frame timecode as well)
  • the least obnoxious timecode entry you'll find on iOS (big buttons! a delete button! audio feedback! fast!)
  • autofixes bad drop frames
  • works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (iOS 8 or higher)
  • share your picture locking accomplishments on Twitter & Facebook
  • free updates forever

4 bucks. Cheap.

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